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L-Theanine Powder
Third order
This is the third time i have ordered so far and i will 100% continue to do so in the future. I have tested different products such as Bacopa Synapsa, Uridine Monophosphate, ALCAR and so on. They were all pharmaceutical grade products. The L-Theanine is the lowest pricest, yet highest quality i have found so far. It provides great effects for me and the packaging is really good (it comes in a plastic container and not a cheap bag like so many others). 100% recommended
Oct 15, 2018
Bacopa Synapsa™ Powder
Top notch
This is my third overall order. Very fast and reliable. The Bacopa Synapsa is exactly what i was looking for. It helps me remember small things, like numbers, names and so on. It also enhanced my ability to do multiple things at the same time without losing track of what i have done so far. In addition it made my thoughts less cloudy and improved my mood and energy levels. For me it took about 3 weeks to notice the full effects. The 30 grams last for about 3 months, so this is very well priced ...
Oct 15, 2018
Ultra Caffeine
Holly cow
Two capsules taken with bit of guarana (20mg) works like a charm; I find myself still furiously programming 12 hours later. Feeling is kind of strange. You don’t feel that much boosted and focused, you may even feel slightly tired. But you are focused. When I go to the bed later that night, it takes a bit of mental energy to stop focusing and just let go. Good product if you want to get work done.
Oct 4, 2018

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We work with world's leading ingredient manufacturers to provide cutting-edge nootropic products from established sources. Independent and accredited labs are used to verify every one of our ingredients by assessing purity, heavy metal content, and contaminants.

Using in-house production, our products are encapsulated in natural plant-based capsules with virtually no fillers or additives. Unlike most of the industry, we strive for transparency in every aspect of our products and service.

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