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Neuroprime Sample Pack
Lifted mood and background energy
Received a sample of this interesting product a couple of weeks ago as I was re-ordering my usual bacopa. I took some having already consumed alot of caffeine and 150mg armodafinil which I take regularly for studying purposes. I noticed a definite enhancement in my mood and generally felt more energised, more alive perhaps? within a couple of hours of consuming neuroprime. Seems like a great supplement to take for regular users of nootropics.
Mar 6, 2019
Dynamine™ Sample Pack
rapid wakefullness and motivation
I was very interested to try this compound - methyliberine. I have a very high tolerance to caffeine and other stimulants, and regularly take armodafinil to help with wakefulness when studying. I took one capsule alongside one capsule of teacrine this morning with my usual pint of very strong gunpowder green tea with an added teaspoon of matcha green tea powder. I quickly felt much more awake and alert and a lovely lift in mood also. Taking teacrine by itself last night when I was already feel ...
Mar 6, 2019
Lion's Mane Mushroom 20:1 Capsules
Lions Mane
I’ve been taking Lions Mane for nearly 3 months everyday. I love this mushroom so much, it has changed my life. My mental health is so much better, I don’t feel anxiety or depression anymore. This is a smart mushroom and I’ll never stop taking it
Feb 23, 2019

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For over 8 years Mind Nutrition has been at the forefront of developing effective, natural nootropic stacks and supplements in the UK.

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We work with world's leading ingredient manufacturers to provide cutting-edge nootropic products from established sources. Independent and accredited labs are used to verify every one of our ingredients by assessing purity, heavy metal content, and contaminants.

Using in-house production, our products are encapsulated in natural plant-based capsules with virtually no fillers or additives. Unlike most of the industry, we strive for transparency in every aspect of our products and service.

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