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Ultra Caffeine
Life changing
Gives a calm, focused energy. Your best self!
Dec 1, 2018
R-Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (R-ALA) Powder
I was a bit concerned with this product as other products on the market consist of Sodium salt for stabilization. I spoke to MN asking why their version does not contain sodium - I was told that they made a decision to go for the non-sodium containing version as they feel this version is as potent. I suspect there may be a cost element involved as well. As the sodium version is probably more expensive. In any case if you store this version out of light (UV) it remains stable. And what a punch ...
Nov 26, 2018

Innovative Natural Nootropics

For over 8 years Mind Nutrition has been at the forefront of developing effective, natural nootropic stacks and supplements in the UK.

With friendly advice and support, next-day UK delivery, and free shipping on all orders over £95, it's not surprising that our customers consistently choose us when buying their nootropic supplements.

Our Rigorous Process

We work with world's leading ingredient manufacturers to provide cutting-edge nootropic products from established sources. Independent and accredited labs are used to verify every one of our ingredients by assessing purity, heavy metal content, and contaminants.

Using in-house production, our products are encapsulated in natural plant-based capsules with virtually no fillers or additives. Unlike most of the industry, we strive for transparency in every aspect of our products and service.

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