Balanced Daily Cognition

Neurostim Extracts and Neurochill for Optimal Daily Cognition


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Balanced Daily Cognition

Optimized for your mind

Activate your mind with Neurostim Extracts during the day, and unwind in the tranquilty of Neurochill® in the evening, with this daily nootropic stack.

Instructions: As our most popular cognition pack we recommend three capsules of Neurostim Extracts during the day and two capsules of Neurochill in the evenings. You can stack these at the same time if you prefer, too.

This pack contains the following:

1 x Neurostim Extracts 90ct.
1 x Neurochill® 60ct.

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Aug 22, 2017
Stand up guys, good quality products
I had a few issues with shipping, most of which were my fault. The service folk provide really good customer service, and when they falter they do go out of their way to make it up to their clients - at least, such was the case with me. Perhaps it was the placebo effect but I felt the neurostim was more powerful in the sample version. But what I have is doing its work. Thanks for the effort, guys.

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  • Description: Neurostim Extracts and Neurochill for Optimal Daily Cognition
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